Donating to a foodbank can change someone's life

  • This boy has just finished school; he is wondering how many cakes his mum will allow him to have tonight.

  • This boy has just finished school; he is wondering if his mum will have food for them tonight.

Some families have more than enough, some families have just enough, and some families have nothing.  By making the simple gesture of donating one, or several items to the foodbank, we can make a real difference to those who have nothing. 

Helping those in need, is one of the major themes of the ministry of Jesus, and even our smallest actions are a way of extending the love of God to those around us.

You can find out more about the foodbank at




  • Urgently needed food items

    Tea bags
    Coffee (Instant)
    Sugar (500g)
    Pasta Sauce
    Milk (UHT or Powdered)
    Fruit Juice (Long life)

  • Urgently needed food items

    Tinned Tomatoes
    Tinned Vegetables
    Tinned Fish
    Tinned Meat
    Biscuits/Snack Bars
    Tinned Rice Pudding
    Tinned Fruit