Milbourne Methodist Church

Our Minister

Deacon Maggie Patchett

Nancy Blaylock

Organist; church and society secretary

Geoffrey Dent

Deputy Senior Steward; treasurer; connexional link person

Carol Dent

Steward; Organist; Missions secretary; Pastoral secretary

Austen Dodds

Senior church steward; fire & safety officer

Caroline Dodds

Steward; communion steward; safeguarding officer

Jenny Dodds

Cradle roll secretary

Jeremy Dodds

Church council minutes secretary

Mark Dodds

Steward; church council minutes secretary

Claire Simpson

Gift aid secretary; church council secretary

Karin Tapson


Ian Farquhar


Latest comments

14.01 | 00:19

We hand back to God Alistair, a lovely christian gentleman and never afraid to speak up and often said what people would be thinking. Always genuine and profound.
Rest in peace and rise in glory.

14.01 | 00:14

Thank you Colin for your composition of your own hymns it is always enjoyable to sing them.

21.11 | 03:20

Faith in action, a warm loving Christian community always ready and willing to serve in the love of their Saviour

30.03 | 11:24

Thanks for all the welcoming care and loving action we have received and continue to receive from the lovely people at this church.

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